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Pavol Weiss

The Life of Mankind



Dino Mustafić

Opening night

5 November 2016

180 minutes, one interval

Slovakian National Theatre Bratislava, Bratislava, Slovakia

Director Dino Mustafić
Dramaturg Peter Kováč
Set Designer Dragutin Broz
Costume Designer Marija Havran
Musician Assen Avramov
Choreographer Stanislava Vlčeková

Andrej (25 years) Richard Autner
Andrej (25 years) Monika Potokárová
Fischer, a business man (50 years) Richard Stanke
Viera, Fischer’s wife (44 years) Diana Mórová
Mother, Monika’s mum (early 40s) Jana Oľhová
Dodo (19 years) Matej Marušin
Lajo, a Roma (between 55 and 60) Branislav Bystriansky
Dr. Milly, Ondro’s father (55 years) Ľubomír Paulovič
Agáta (35 years) Danka Svetlíková
Soldiers, Protestors, Policemen, Citizens Tomáš Stopa, Adam Jančina, Tomáš Magát, Simon Kopunec, Jakub Kuka
Electric cello Magdaléna Izakovičová

A dystopian play by a distinguished Slovak playwright Pavol Weiss presents two rebellious young men, who are initially very similar in their cause to build a different society, but gradually turn into representatives of utterly opposed (political) extremes. However, they remain linked by a female, called Monika. Her longing for sense and beauty in this sordid world is pitted against romantic disappointments and lost ideals. By means of her parents, Weiss offers a critical view of the generation »who is to be blamed for everything«, of empty human relations, causing a slow decay of people. The production, directed by a Bosnian director Dino Mustafić, is part of a project involving foreign directors staging new Slovak plays.

»Pavol Weiss’s play shows us how easily one can succumb to ideologies and hatred.«
Eva Andrejčáková, SME

»Unmissable due to its powerful atmosphere, meticulous direction and excellent acting creations.«
Soňa J. Smolková, Pravda

Slovenian surtitles