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Drama Acoustics

Marko Hatlak

Accordionist Marko Hatlak combines the experience gained from various projects and genres in a solo concert which represents his foundation. The entanglement of diverse songs presented in one evening gives the concert a special charm and the audience gets to know the accordion as a broad instrument. At some point you listen to the energetic melodies of tango, and then folk music takes you on a journey all the way from the north to the south of the Balkans, exploring its hidden corners. With the baroque and contemporary music, the main subject of Hatlak’s long-term study in Germany, he opens the immense depths of harmonies by the composing genius Johann Sebastian Bach and innovative compositions of present time.

Hatlak tells stories of his music in a humorous way and spices some of them up with singing. He involves his listeners in his musical experience as during some songs the Balkan rhythms take over everyone. With his unique interpretation of each song, regardless of the style, Hatlak evokes an emotional depth and profound experience in the audience.