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Drama Acoustics

Kar Češ Brass Band

Kar Češ Brass Band from Cerkno is leaving its teenage years behind as it approaches its 20th birthday. Praised as the first and only Slovenian brass band playing exclusively the street music of New Orleans, they do so in a truly original and refreshing way. Rebirth, Dirty Dozen, No BS and YoungBlood Brass Band are just a few of the acts that they are mostly inspired by.

Kar Češ Brass Band members are Matjaž Lenarčič Buco (trumpet), Florjan Kobal (trumpet), Tadej Bizjak (alto saxophone), Jaka Ahačevčič (tenor saxophone), Marko Obid (trombon), Matija Mlakar (trombon), Rok Šinkovec (tuba), Alen Bogataj (snare drum), Pegam Podobnik (percussion) and Matija Purgar (bass drum).