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Matija Solce

Dog’s life

Production: Teatro Matita & MCLU Koper, premiere: 2016

Author, director, music, performer: Matija Solce

Category: 15+

Running time: 60 minute

For Dashenka, life is most dog-like when a human foot steps on her tail. But in the days before the Second World War, it was dog’s life for those who stood up to the growing force of ideology. Čapek’s playful language is translated into Dadaist images of shoeboxes and the contents of their objects that repeatedly evoke the writer’s remembrance and his fears. The object theatre is enhanced by the on-site live creation of music from random sounds, which Solce always combines in surprising ways into musical interludes. The voice of Čapek’s friend Jan Masaryk, reporting from exile, is interspersed with the Nazi mass media incitement. American President as a teddy bear, while the Holocaust is wrapped in the tragicomedy of a kangaroo who wants to go on holiday. In this way, one is made witness to the contrast between the lyrical attitude towards the small, the naïve, the furry, and the clamour of the media, which, time and again, imposes its dogmas in the name of truth.