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Drama Acoustics

Carmina Slovenica

Carmina Slovenica, led by internationally acclaimed conductor Karmina Šilec, has globally impacted contemporary music world. The collective’s unique choregie concept has expanded the scope of music theatre. It has revaluated the existing concepts of music and opened up new spaces of expression, intense experience and communication.

Author of the project and conductor Karmina Šilec
Carmina Slovenica
Vasko Atanasovski, wind instruments
Janez Dovč, accordion
Goran Krmac, tuba
Nino Mureškič, Andrej Hrvatin, Damir Mazrek, percussion
Zvezdana Novaković, solo vocals

Balkan music, being ever so seductive, hardly ever leaves its listener untouched. Balkanica does not merely touch you, it strongly embraces you. The body responds – with a smile perhaps or swaying with the rhythm. It is temperamental, vibrant, erotic, bold and open-spirited. We love it and it keeps returning strong feelings.

Sunday, 29 January at 19.00 on the Main Stage