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As Far as One Can See

Royal Theatre Zetski dom in Cetinje, Cetinje, Montenegro

Director Árpád Schilling
Dramaturg Bence Biro
Translator, Dramaturgy Consultant Kata Đarmati
Composer Nina Perović
Assistant Director Mirko Radonjić

Varja Đukić
Dejan Đonović
Aleksandar Gavranić
Srđan Grahovac
Dušan Kovačević
Jelena Simić
Zoran Vujović
Nada Vukčević

In this collectively authored project, Árpád Schilling, a Hungarian director and recipient of several European awards, deals with topical issues pertaining to Montenegro, the Balkans, Europe, the world … The staging is a result of actors’ improvisations, which were subsequently written down, edited and staged. The immediacy and apparent absence of restrain in the resulting textual material bring about a singular staging aesthetics; theatre magic does not reside in the visual, but within people and their co-existing. It is the actor and his/her storytelling which is central to Schilling’s directing focus.

»The framework of the production is acting improvisations, resulting from the situations and characters, suggested by the director. They cover a variety of general topics and subtopics, such as the brutality of (post) capitalism in the context of a non-transparent transition, the rule of lawlessness, manipulated privatization, theft and suspect investments, unemployment, poverty, plundering of natural resources, repressive patriarchal matrix, etc. These are being addressed by means of the actors’ personal experiences. An accomplished rendition of a pseudo-documentary dramaturgy of an austere stage language.«
Maja Mrđenović,

Slovenian surtitles