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The first season of our new Audio Plays programme has been successfully concluded. It is a project involving recording of audio books read by the terrific cast of the SNT Drama Ljubljana ensemble. Our aim is to present Slovenian playwriting in its vivid immediacy, diversity, and excellence, and to create the Drama Audio Plays library, available to all interested listeners, including professionals as well as fans of Slovenian drama.
The focus of the first season of Audio Plays were plays by Dane Zajc. We recorded and presented live in the format of sound performances his plays The River Children and Kálevála. In the 2021/22 season we plan to conclude the Zajc series by staging the sound performance of Voranc which is connected to the Drama in a special way. To quote the poet Josip Osti in the programme notes on the staging of Voranc, directed by Mile Korun, »it is the reading of a play, not watching it, that justly raises the question of a relationship between a text and its stage performance, or perhaps, today more than ever, of the complex relationship between literature and theatre.« It was in 1980 when Osti wrote this. His quote seems to be even more relevant for the present-day complex relationship between theatre and playwriting. This is precisely why we wish to explore it in creating this Drama platform.

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October 2021
Dane Zajc Voranc